Nowadays, technology is all around us, we are overwhelmed by notifications and stimuli. Infuse was created to create a moment of quiet. Visitors were invited to enter the installation and let the light come to them in order to get a calm experience with technology. The cubes may have lead to a moment of reflection for some, or simple enjoyment for others. Infuse was featured at two events: Dutch Technology Festival in Eindhoven and Assen Licht Op. The main difference between them was the way the light was created. For Dutch Technology Festival, the light was dynamic but set beforehand, providing spectators with a soothing light show. In Assen, an interactive element was added, allowing visitors to create their own light effects and corresponding sound. This way, each person in and around the installation got a unique audiovisual experience.

Pictures of Infuse in Assen (left) and at Dutch Technology festival (right)