During GLOW’s 2021 edition, we showcased a light installation visualizing the journey of growth. When starting one’s journey, there is no clear coherent path to follow, which is represented by disordered and unconnected pieces of the installation. When walking closer towards the installation, visitors were able to identify several rows that increase in height and number of cubes. The expanding size of the installation represents how several smaller elements all contribute to growth. Visitors were able to activate the different elements by interacting with the installation up until the highest point of the installation. After exploring the separate elements, visitors were invited to look back at their growth process so far. The unconnected pieces formed a recognizable shape, in which the separate elements visually contribute to the achieved goal. By using the principles of anamorphosis, we symbolize our own growth as a team. When looking back at the installation, and thus the growing process, an outline of Loop can be spotted.

Pictures by Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie

Video by GLOW Eindhoven