We are a group of 12 young creatives with a passion for interactive lighting. In 2017 we established Team IGNITE, TU Eindhoven’s first student team in the field of intelligent and interactive lighting. Next to showcasing an entirely self developed, interactive and modular installation during GLOW Eindhoven 2018 & 2019 and a variety of other events like TEDxEindhoven and music related events, we managed to set-up a long-term ecosystem within the university for a continuous collaboration between students and experts in the field of intelligent lighting. After three years of operating as a student team, we took our ambitions to the next level and established our own foundation: Hypar Collective.

We started from a strong vision: creating interactive light installations that make people part of the experience. With that vision we created Hypar, consisting of 160 modular cubes that can be put together in a large variety of shapes, where lighting can be controlled by the public. Since then, we have created many different installations for different types of events. The versatile nature of the cubes allows us to always create the best fitting pieces for any event and gives us the freedom to keep reinventing our possibilities. By combining light, sound, an interactive aspect and flexibility, we are able to always deliver a multisensory and immersive experience shaped to your wishes!

Pictures by Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie